An Update from Michael Landers


Though I failed to qualify for the Olympic Games in Qatar, the experience I gained from playing against a few of the best table tennis players in the world was again invaluable. And although disappointment came my way again when I was eliminated, a weight was lifted off of my shoulders when I knew that I had finally completed the chapter I had set out to finish. I knew that I had put my best effort forth in the attempts to qualify for London and that this was only the start of my quest of becoming an Olympian.

After arriving home in New York, I took an entire week off from training and caught up with all of my friends from my local high school for the first time in ages. It was the first time I had ever not touched a paddle for that long in over four years. However, the following week I found myself back in training and eager to practice. I have recently been preparing for the North American Cup, which will be held in Toronto, Canada. Wish me luck!

Michael Landers

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