America’s Team Championship 2012 – Roger Dickson


Rockford Table Tennis Club - May 26-27, 2012

Congratulations to the Newgy Robo-Pong International table tennis team for winning the top division at the 2012 America's Team Championship. The team consisted of Sameh Awadallah, Wei Qi, and Fred Cantarelli, managed/coached by Roger Dickson.

I admit I had the easiest job coaching/managing this team of seasoned professional level table tennis players this past weekend! The only issue was some minor communication challenges between the Arabic, Chinese and Portuguese language based players! From an outside perspective you would never have guessed that this was the first time these guys had teamed up or done any practice sessions together by how well they worked together to win ties.

As the youngest of the players Wei Qi had the pressure of facing US Hall of Fame member Dan Seemiller first in the final team match of the A Division with first place and the $2000 check on the line between the two unbeaten teams! With the exact same rating starting the weekend, the expected fireworks did not disappoint the gathered crowd as with the game score tied 2-2 Wei Qi roared out to a 10-6 lead in the fifth game. Never losing focus and changing pace, spin and tempo multiple times per point Dan won 4 straight points to 10 -10! With a cool head and a brave heart the young student/coach living in Minnesota wins the last point with a strong forehand to the middle of Dan’s body! This win set the order play to the favor of Newgy Robo-Pong International team and with the goal in sight the team finished the proceedings with a 5-0 team win and a perfect 7-0 team record!

Roger Dickson

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