Newgy Snake Seed at Westlake Table Tennis Tournament – Roger Dickson


It seemed too short of a week to turn around and head to the Newgy Snake Seed at Westlake Table Tennis Tournament on May 19. This suburb of Cleveland, Ohio had an amazing park surrounding the playing venue and it also had an indoor water park! If only the lighting was stronger this would be a top ten venue –that is saying quite a bit as I have played in approximately 100 different venues in my table tennis career!

Many thanks go to Samson Dubina and family, who generously provided a room at their home for Sameh Adawallah and myself. Another guest of the Dubinas’ was Texas Wesleyan table tennis player Yahao Zhang, recently married. Yahao was in town to assist Samson with a table tennis training camp and to do some preparations for the 2012 US Open in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

For those who have never played a snake seed table tennis event, you basically take all entries and draw them to groups for the first round, and then the group winners go to Open, 2nd to A, etc. until all players are in a group. The Open Group 1 was lead by Yahao and followed by Seth Pech, Group 2 was lead by Samson followed by Sameh. The last four matches of the day provided a lot of fireworks as the younger and in near peak form took advantage of Sameh’s sore shoulder and relegated him to the fourth place finish. The two teachers then gave a lesson to their pupil Seth Pech. Samson and Yahao then battled amongst themselves for the $500 first prize! Despite initiating a lot of the attack, Samson too often found Yahao reacting with strong counters and re-loops off the opening attacks! The spectators get a well played match and a hard earned victory to Yahao 3-1.

Roger Dickson

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