Coach Carl’s Column: The Perfect Table Tennis Posture by Carl Hardin


The perfect table tennis posture is key to excellent footwork. The key elements to the best table tennis posture are: feet wider apart than the width of your shoulders, body leaning forward enough to shift your body weight to the balls of your feet. Also the wide stance will move your body weight to the insides of the balls of your feet. Next, position your elbow at least 4 to 6 inches in front and away from your body opposite your opponent. Now you are in perfect position, ready and able to move in any direction quickly with perfect balance.

Now observe your opponent’s direction of swing to the ball; with this information you move to the opponent’s selected target before he makes contact with the ball and wait until the ball crosses the net before moving your blade or start your stroke for a counter or until his ball lands in your court before starting a back-swing for a loop stroke.

Important: Never start your stroke before moving in position to stroke. Why… because moving to stroke first shifts your body weight to your heels making it nearly impossible to move.

Carl Hardin

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