2012 Cary Cup Championships – Roger Dickson


March 16-18, 2012 - Cary, North Carolina

The Cary Cup is one of the few events that is a sell out and has sad people who miss even getting on the very short waiting list every year! The reasons are the format, the venue, the staff and the high level of competitors that consistently come to this event! The 2012 version should have been called “The Canadians are coming!”

As the North American Continental Olympic Qualifier would be in the same gyms, the Canadian National Team sent its’ full squad of Men to scout the playing conditions! So all the players and fans got a sneak preview of how the USA and the Canadians would match up come April! About half of the US Men's Team was here because they were leaving straight from Cary to training in Germany before the World Championships. Also attending were several of the new Chinese training partners from the larger training centers throughout the US. It created a lot of interesting matches in group play with a mix of different levels of professionals fighting for each game!

In the final two Canadians squared off, Zhen (Eugene) Wang 11-5, 11-8, 11-7, defeated the very capable but very young Hongtao Chen. At 17 Hongtao looks to lead the Canadian team back to Cary in April as Eugene currently has some visa eligibility issues to overcome before he can represent Canada at the Olympic level.

For the rest of us, the afternoon group play consisted of round robin groups of 9! So, if a lot of play is what you want this event has it! Most players get 11 matches and a lucky few get 14! Just as a reference point, the NA Teams will get you about the same number or slightly higher based on the number of teammates, but that is a THREE DAY event! I started as the lowest person in my draw and finished in the middle, so I was okay with my results. Though I still need to finish those deuce games better!

Roger Dickson

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