Tournament Handicap Events by Samson Dubina


This event is open to all participants. This is not an event for disabled people nor does it count for rating. This is the only event in a tournament where all participants have an equal opportunity to win. In this event, the higher rated player is “handicapped” because he gives the lower player points. The match is played 1 game to 31 points. The amount of handicap will depend on your rating vs. your opponent’s rating.

For example:

Bob is rated at 890 and Sue is rated at 1124. Because Bob is 234 points lower, he will start the game with an 8 point lead.

Wang is rated at 1560 and Steven is rated at 2577. Because Wang is 1017 points lower, he will start the game with a 25 point lead.

If 2 players are very closely rated, they both start at zero, there is no handicap.

This event is fun yet very competitive because everyone has an equal chance to win. If you are entering a tournament to win money in the main events, it is a great consolation event if you don’t walk home with your desired result. If you are playing in the recreational events, it is a great opportunity to beat one of the “top guys.”

Samson Dubina

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