The Newgy Table Tennis Center – Pierce Scott


I have been to the Newgy Table Tennis Center several times but I would like to tell you about my first training there. The Training Center (which is also Newgy’s headquarters) is located in Gallatin, Tennessee just outside of Nashville.

When I went in the front door, I saw the pro shop on my right that sells various table tennis items and equipment, and their offices just past that. Next, I went past their lounge area and then on to the main playing arena. The next room is called their “Robot Room” where there were five Robo-Pong table tennis robots set up. The Center has the Olympic red mat flooring and was very nice.

Now on to my training. I was introduced to Coach Barney Reed, Sr., who was very nice and hands on with his teaching. We started off slow with just a warm-up drill while Coach watched. We then went into more detailed things. He saw one of my problems was with my footwork and where my feet were actually going on the ground. He got some tape and taped it on the ground where he wanted my feet to go. This was helpful seeing each time where he specifically wanted me.

As this part of the session was coming to an end, we moved towards the end of the room where there was a ping-pong® table set up that can be lowered for little kids. Part of the training at the Newgy Table Tennis Center includes filming different aspects of the training so the Coach can analyze it, point out certain things to the student later and then improve on them.

When we came back from lunch it was now time to actually hit with the Coach. We warmed up and did some drills. He corrected me throughout the drills and really helped me apply what I learned on the robot to the real game. We closed it out with a match. The area where you play matches is very spacious, closed and individual courts and also had the same Olympic red mat flooring. Overall I would give my experience an A+ at the Newgy Table Tennis Training Center.

Pierce Scott

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