Helping Others in Table Tennis by Samson Dubina


Everyone starts table tennis as a beginner. No one picks up a racket for the first time and is 2000+ level.

Probably along your way to greatness, there have been players who have helped you.

I first started table tennis at age twelve when I was invited to a local church for competitive table tennis. As a beginner, I received free tips from local club members who encouraged me in the right direction. My game greatly benefitted from these tips and I quickly excelled past them. There are two primary things that I want to suggest:

#1 Don’t forget who helped you. As a mature player, thank those players who have helped develop your game. Even if you are three levels better than them now, remember they were the ones who helped you achieve greatness. Encourage those same players to continue developing more players.

#2 Help the newbies. Remember back to when you were a beginner and walked in to a table tennis club for the first time. Welcome beginners to help them along. Years later, they may be thanking you for your advice that pushed them to be world champion! If you help others, you will feel better about yourself and know that you have improved another member in the table tennis community.

#3 Be a team. When you and other club members go to a tournament, help each other out. Even if you don’t have any technical coaching advice, be willing to encourage and cheer for other club members.

Samson Dubina

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