End of Year Update from Michael Landers


Whew, it's been a long year! After playing in two of the largest tournaments of the year, I'm exhausted.  I've been tempted to take a short one week break from table tennis, but I know that I have to keep training and preparing for the Olympic Trials in February.

I spent New Year's Eve in New York City. What a blast that was! I plan on practicing with my Newgy Robo-Pong 2050 table tennis robot this week and working out at the gym. Even though I’m not taking a real break like I would like to, I'll try to at least get a little bit more sleep.

This next month is going to be crucial in my preparation for the trials, so I'm headed back to California for three weeks to the World Champions Table Tennis Academy.

I hope everyone had a happy New Year and most importantly, stayed safe!

Michael Landers

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