The Importance of Rest by Samson Dubina


One important factor in table tennis that each player needs is rest. For me, it is best to rest after a major competition. This allows my body to recover and gives me time to consider my previous performance and what I can do to improve for the next competition.

During my rest days (usually 2-4 days) I do two important things…

The first thing is video analysis. I watch my table tennis matches and practice sessions and analyze them point by point. I compare my strokes, footwork, serves, receives, and mental game to the top athletes then make improvements.

The second thing is stretching and light exercise. If I do absolutely nothing on my break, my body will become stiff. Staying flexible will allow my muscles to recover yet still be prepared for the next training session.

After a couple days of rest, I am back and ready to train harder and more focused than ever before!

Samson Dubina

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