My Training with Coach Carl Hardin by Pierce Scott


Carl Hardin is one of the best table tennis coaches in the United States. He has a different coaching style than most coaches. He is very strict and pounds into your head the importance of great form.

I started receiving coaching from Carl when I was rated 543. We would start off by warming up my forehand on the Newgy Robo-Pong table tennis robot. Then I hit some backhands on the robot. He hadn’t said anything to me yet about anything I had done wrong. I thought my strokes were fine. I was extremely wrong! He said there was no use of hitting balls coming out of the robot if all of my strokes were wrong. So we grabbed a box of balls and I dropped the ball and then hit it. After each ball I hit, I was given criticism on what to fix. After about an hour of that we did the same thing on the backhand.

I had no idea so many things that went into one shot. Carl saw everything I did wrong, every single time. After we got that taken care of, we started to do drills on the robot. He would stand there and move the frequency up until my strokes broke down, then would immediately shut it off. He taught me correct footwork, forehand, backhand, push, flip, serve, loop, and serve return. I am glad I got to experience Carl’s coaching. I would not be where I am today without it.


Practice makes permanent, not perfect.”Carl Hardin

Pierce Scott

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