Who’s the Coach? by Samson Dubina


My full-time job is coaching table tennis to students age 5 - 75. Regardless of age, I expect each of my students to listen to my coaching as I give them advice point-by-point and apply what I am teaching them during each coaching session.

Tournaments are somewhat different though. For example, when I am coaching Perry Wilson in a tournament, I can give him advice between games; but I am not allowed to coach him during the actual game. Perry is the one who needs to coach himself during the game. Between points, Perry needs to analyze for himself what went right, what went wrong, and what he needs to do in the next point.

Between games, I give Perry 1 or 2 tips and have him repeat the advice back to me.

Then I ask:

Who’s the coach?


Perry is the coach.

Samson Dubina

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