The Importance of Multi-Ball Training by Michael Landers


Perhaps one of the reasons why the Chinese are so dominant in table tennis is because of multi-ball training. In multi-ball, one player stands on one end of the ping-pong® table in the ready position, while the other player feeds ping-pong® balls at a rapid pace from a large bucket of balls on the other side.  This is used by all of the top players in the world and is one of the keys to being successful.

Multi-ball training is designed to improve your muscle memory along with your reflexes.  After all, the best way to improve in something is by doing it a bunch of times.  Having someone fire thousands of balls at you within an hour can be way more productive than doing a few drills in the same amount of time.  The amount of balls that you hit increases enormously.  One other benefit to doing multi-ball is the rapid strengthening of your legs.  Personally, I find that if my legs move well, I perform my best.

Not only does multi-ball improve your table tennis game, but its cardiovascular benefits are also extraordinary.  During my personal training sessions, my heart rate often jumps up to around 180 beats per minute after hitting 50-100 balls at a fast pace. 

The only down side with multi-ball is that you need someone to feed you the balls to hit. The Newgy Robo-Pong table tennis robot can solve that problem.  With the Robo-Pong, you too can practice the same as all of the top players in the world, without needing an actual human practice partner, all while having a great time and getting exercise like never before!

Michael Landers

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