How to become an Umpire by Pierce Scott


If you have ever had any interest in becoming an umpire, this article is for you. Anyone can be a table tennis umpire if they would like. If you don’t play anymore but still want to stay connected to the game, this is a perfect opportunity. You also get benefits if you are an umpire. You get a great seat for the table tennis match, discount on hotels, discount on entry fee, flight money, and sometimes even get paid.

Here are the basic steps to becoming a Club Umpire:

1. Contact USATT and tell them you would like to take the Club Umpire test.

2. They will mail you the test or you can take it online.

3. Study!

4. Take the test and get at least a 75% to pass. The test is open book (so you can use anything). It has a section of true/false questions and also has situational questions.

5. If you pass, start umpiring at table tennis tournaments and begin to get your matches done to then become a Regional Umpire.

Pierce Scott

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