More Training in California by Michael Landers


While training out here in California, I have been focusing on my short game and my backhand while close to the table. In order to successfully counter the ball off of a loop or in a rally with your backhand, your entire upper body has to be silent, relaxed, and bent over the ball. I never realized it, but the reason I would hit all of my backhands off the table was because my entire body was upright like a statue when I would hit the ball.

If you are having any of the same problems that I was having, try videotaping yourself and taking a look at your body positioning. To correct this bad habit, set up your Newgy Robo-Pong table tennis robot to shoot topspin balls to your backhand, and focus on keeping your upper body bent over the ball. You should imagine that there is a bucket of water on your head; if your upper body moves too much, the water will spill all over you. Focus on using your forearm and wrist to generate spin and keeping the stroke small. Practice this stroke as much as possible to perfect it. I know I will!

Michael Landers

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