That’s a Good Question! Part VI by Samson Dubina


How often should I change the rubber on my racket?

Inverted rubber lasts 60 hours for the average club table tennis player. If the player uses it every day for two hours, it should be changed once per month. If he uses it twice per week for two hours, it should be changed every four months. Cleaning the rubber after each practice session and sealing it with adhesive rubber protection sheets is the best way to ensure the full 60 hours of use.

Anti-spin rubber usually lasts for 2-5 years. With no friction, the rubber actually becomes better with age. The only way for the anti-rubber to wear out is for the sponge to degrade. Check to ensure that the rubber bounces equally on all parts of the blade.

Pips rubber usually lasts about 100-150 hours. The rubber is worn out when the pips begin to break or the sponge degrades giving it an inconsistent bounce.

  • Change every 60 hours
  • Clean and protect every time
  • Check for consistent sponge bounce
  • Check for broken pips

Samson Dubina

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