Training in California by Michael Landers


I recently came to California for some table tennis training with Stefan Feth and Li Zhenshi. I’m not too far into my training yet, but I am already mentally exhausted. The training is going quite well and I’m learning tons of new things that are only helping my game. The two coaches are emphasizing the majority of my training on improving my game close to the table. They have considerably shortened my stroke because it was way too large before, which prevented me from staying close to the table. I also did multi-ball today on two tables for the first time ever. Coach Li took one half of a table and put it next to the table we were training on, thus extending my end by a few feet. It was fairly difficult, but when I did the same drill on only one table, it felt like I was flying. My next tournament will be Baltimore and then Nationals, so I’m preparing for those right now. Hopefully the training will continue to be great!

Michael Landers

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