Strategies Against a Lobber by Pierce Scott


A lot of table tennis players find it challenging to play against a lobber because it can be very frustrating. They give us the high ball you want to kill, yet we still struggle on how we can win.

There are many different ways to go about playing a lobber. The best way to play him is to play smart and play with patience. All lobbers depend on your mistakes for points. So don’t throw away any unforced errors. You need to get the serve return in. You don’t need to make an amazing shot because chances are a lobber will not kill your return. He will probably throw up a neutral ball. You don’t have to put this ball away. Be patient! Put this ball to the back hand or WIDE forehand.

Most lobbers can’t attack far from the table with a backhand. You are normally safe to play to the backhand at any time in the match. Once you have the player pinned to the backhand you need to go wider and move them off of the ping-pong® table more. Once you get a really weak ball, put them away to the forehand. But always be ready for the ball to come back! Never assume you have hit a winner! If he puts up another weak ball, kill that one too. Try to move the player around and wait for a good chance to end the point.

Good luck!

Pierce Scott

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