That’s a Good Question! Part V by Samson Dubina


What is the advantage/disadvantage between large and small head blades?

Generally, regarding table tennis rackets, larger head blades are heavier and smaller head blades are lighter. The close-to-the-table attackers often use small blades because they are easy to maneuver for serve, serve return, and over the table pushes and attacks. Also, when swinging a small head blade, there will be less wind-resistance. Distance choppers and lobbers often use larger blades because they have a better chance to hitting the ball, and quick maneuvering isn’t an issue.

Another factor to consider is the amount of rubber that it takes to cover the racket. Smaller head blades will be lighter because they require less rubber to cover the surface. Large head blade will be much heavier and become slightly top heavy with the added weight near the end of the racket.

Samson Dubina

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