That’s a Good Question! Part IV by Samson Dubina


What is the difference between a light and a heavy blade?

The weight difference of a table tennis racket is due to several factors: the materials used, the head size, the number of plies, and the handle type. If the blade has a hollow handle, it will be more top heavy. If the blade has a solid handle, it will be more equally balanced from top to bottom.

Generally, close-to-the-table table tennis players use light blades, less than 70-90 grams. A light blade provides more racket speed and quickness for a good backhand/forehand transition. Choppers and lobbers use heavy blades, 90-100 grams. Because the distance player has more time to react to the ball, a heavy blade will provide more stability and consistency away from the ping-pong® table.

Children under thirteen years old, beginners, and anyone with limited strength should use a racket that is 70-80 grams. This will allow them to have good racket speed and develop proper strokes without battling fatigue. I suggest the light-weight Newgy Applause Paddle for any junior players learning the game of table tennis.

Samson Dubina

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