How to Hit a Proper Kill Shot by Perry Wilson


What’s the most fun shot to hit in table tennis? To me, it’s definitely a smash – probably the fastest shot, and one of the most difficult shots to return. But so many people do not practice it, and it can sometimes cost them the match.

Since it is looked at as such an easy shot, people don’t see the need to practice it. But, you should practice this almost as much as any other shot you work on. I am going to tell you what you must look for and do, so you can execute the perfect smash.

The first thing you should look for is the spin on the ping-pong® ball. So many times people underestimate the spin on a high ball and just wait right next to where they think it will be. You have to watch what they do when they hit the ball. Whatever direction they swing their paddle, the ball will go the opposite way once it hits the table.

The other thing people mess up on a lot while smashing the ball is the placement of the ball. For most people, lobbing is not their best weapon while playing, some do not even know how to lob. So, if you are smashing at them that is one thing, but when you can place it well, they will not stand a chance. The best thing to do while smashing is to keep smashing to the same side for 3 or 4 shots, with each shot getting a little bit wider. Once they are out wide, then you go for the kill to the opposite side that you were playing the ball originally.

With doing those two things, I’m sure that your smashing game will improve a lot, and could take your game to the next level.

Perry Wilson

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