Strategies Against a Looper by Pierce Scott


The most common type of playing style in table tennis is usually a looper. I am going to discuss some strategies to use to your advantage against a looper. The first thing you should know is that loopers obviously LIKE TO LOOP! You need to take that weapon away from them and YOU need to attack FIRST. The easiest way to do this is to make a good serve short and then start your attack into their defensive game.

Most loopers do not have BOTH an amazing looping game AND an amazing defensive game. If you can isolate the defensive game, they won’t get the opportunity to attack. On your service return the best thing to do would be to push short. If you cannot do that, at least make the opponent make a difficult shot. A heavy push to the backhand, a push to the person’s middle or even a wide ball to the forehand would work as a good variation. Chances are if you cannot push the ball short you can either flip it or loop it. REMEMBER THOUGH, THE MAIN OBJECTIVE OF SERVE RETURN IS TO GET IT ON THE TABLE! It is not a point-winning shot. During the rally try to move them around because most mistakes come from someone who is switching over from forehand to backhand. If you know how to counter-loop this is also very effective against a looper. If you cannot counter-loop, a good block to the opponent’s backhand would work just fine. If you use these strategies against a looper, you should do just fine.

Pierce Scott

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