Want to Win? Add Spin! by Roger Dickson


Going to a table tennis tournament and planning to win your event is sometimes easy to imagine, but usually harder achieving! If you want to win, you need to work backwards: win event – win semi final –win quarter final – win cross over – win round robin – win game – win point! The easiest way to win points is to control the quantity and quality of YOUR spin!

How to improve the spin is a logical first step, so always think of the ping-pong® ball as an egg! To make better spin you need to brush /graze the shell of the “egg”, not make scrambled eggs by hitting toward the yolk. Try not to slow down the speed of the racket when you graze the ball, energy still needs to be transferred to the ball and a slow racket has less energy.

Service practice should be the first place you practice adding spin as the ball is only travelling at the speed of the falling ball and adding more spin to your service game has huge benefits. Try using underspin to make the ball bounce on the returners side first then come back to you! All that should be focused on is the spin at first, then start lowering the height until it turns into a legal and low serve.

Using the Newgy Robo-Pong 2050 or 2040 table tennis robot in the service position is another great way to improve making more spin in the service return area of your game. Adjusting the feed and spin from the Robo-Pong, you can work on maintaining good racket speed as you graze the ball from a very consistent practice partner! When set to underspin, return the Robo-Pong’s service with heavy spin pushes (both short and deep), flips and drop shots! If you only practice one type of return, this will become the primary way this type of serve is returned and can create a weakness for an observant opponent!

After practicing both service and return service a lot, adding or subtracting spin to the balance of your strokes becomes second nature. Soon you will find yourself adjusting the spin to your advantage more and more, winning one point, one game, one match and one event at a time.

Roger Dickson

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