How to Get More Spin on your Serve by Perry Wilson


What is the first shot in every point of table tennis?

The serve.

So this should be one of the shots you need to work on the most. All of the best table tennis players have amazing serves that are difficult to make an offensive shot. Here are some tips and ideas you can use to improve your serve.

- When serving, you should swing your racket the fastest right when you make contact with the ball.

- The movement for serving should be with your forearm going back and forward to create power, and the movement of flicking your wrist should be to create spin.

- When hitting your serve you should be contacting the ball close to the table to avoid a lot of bounce on the ball. Because when you hit the ball high in the air, it makes the ball bounce high in the air, and it gives your opponent an easy shot to hit.

If you want to see examples of these attributes in action, check out some videos of Ma Lin, Timo Boll, Wang Liqin, and Jan Ove Waldner serving.

Good Luck!

Perry Wilson

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