Why Robo-Pong is Simply the Best by Michael Landers


After suggesting the Newgy Robo-Pong® to an innumerable amount of people who want to improve their table tennis skills, usually the question asked is, “Why Robo-Pong?” Upon being asked this question, I easily answer with the following:

-Unlike a human practice partner, Robo-Pong doesn’t miss a single shot and can collect and recycle every ball that you hit, which enables the ability to play as long as you want without picking up any balls.

-Robo-Pong is ready to go whenever you are. It plays as long as you want and never gets tired.

-Newgy makes five different models of Robo-Pong, which means players of all levels can find a robot suitable for their game.

-Since there are five different models of robots, each at a different price points and with different features, there is no such thing as “one robot suits all.” Because of the wide selection of models, the average recreational ping-pong® player doesn’t have to spend more money than they have to for a robot that does everything they could possibly desire.

-Robo-Pong’s ball recycling net system, which comes with two of the models, is great for service practice. It eliminates the time-consuming act of picking up each and every ball off of the floor after practicing.

-Robo-Pong’s new digital system can meet the needs of any player, giving you the option of making and programming your own drills and practicing your footwork.

-Each model of Robo-Pong takes almost no time at all to set up or take down. Unlike other robots that can take a while to assemble, all of Newgy’s robots can be taken apart or put together in only a few minutes.

-Newgy’s customer service is outstanding. Each staff member is truly dedicated to helping others achieve the true Robo-Pong experience.

I hope this gives you a better idea of why I choose and practice with Robo-Pong!

Good luck and train hard!

Michael Landers

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