How to Beat a Pen-Hold Table Tennis Player by Pierce Scott


Most people get intimidated when they see they are playing against someone who plays pen-hold. There are advantages to playing pen-hold, however, there are also many disadvantages. Most pen-hold players you will play will have a really good serve and forehand. They won’t have a good backhand though. Knowing this is already an advantage you have.

When the pen-hold player is serving, you need to try to put the return to the backhand, their middle, or short. This way they aren’t getting an easy forehand ball. This will allow you to make the point neutral at the start by taking away the pen-hold players two best shots right at the start of the point. You can then begin your attack to make them play the point out defense.

When you are serving, you need to make sure you are getting to attack first. When you are serving you need to be the one controlling the point and attacking first. Don’t let them do what they do best, which is normally attacking with their forehand. If you can serve short and get a good attack in to the backhand, chances are you will win the point. I hope you found these strategies useful and will try them next time you play table tennis against a pen-hold player. Good luck!

Pierce Scott

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