Forehand Loop Off of Backspin by Perry Wilson


Forehand Loop Off of Backspin

One of the hardest shots to hit correctly and effectively in table tennis is the forehand loop against underspin. I will be taking you through things you should do and shouldn’t to while hitting this shot.

So many times while hitting this shot, people tend to lean back. When people lean back, they lose all of their power because your energy is going up. While losing power and energy, the ping-pong® ball goes more up than forward. So if you do end up making the shot, it will be high and soft, making it easy for your opponent.

They to hitting this shot correctly is using your legs and bending your knees. You have to bend down to get your paddle lower than the ball. Once that is done, you have to use legs as springs to get power. With doing those to things, and swinging forward, not up, you can get a much more effective shot.

If you can make those changes to your shot, you can really bring your forehand loop against underspin and your entire table tennis game to the next level.

Perry Wilson

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