My Training in China by Michael Landers


This summer I went to China for some intense table tennis training. Each day, we practiced single ball drills for three hours in the morning, rest for three hours, and then finished up with three hours of multi-ball in the afternoon. What makes training in China so valuable is that there are so many different sparring partners to train with. For example, each day of the week I tried to practice against a different style of play (i.e., penhold pips hitter, lefty with backhand pips, chopper, two wing looper, shakehand forehand pips hitter, etc.). The wide variety of players exposed me to all different kinds of table tennis and helped me learn and improve.

I did extra physical work in addition to the training in order to stay in the best shape possible. The Olympic Sports Center, the place where I trained, is quite isolated from the rest of the city, making it easier to solely concentrate on table tennis. In fact, I was usually too tired after training to want to go out or anything like that, so boredom wasn’t really a problem.

I also found it much easier to communicate with everybody there due to the Chinese course that I took in school last year. Knowing even a tiny bit of Chinese made life there unimaginably easier because there is virtually no one that speaks a word of English.

I have decided to continue with online schooling for my senior year of high school in order to prepare for Olympic Trials.

That’s all for now,

Michael Landers

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