How to Prepare for a Tournament – by Michael Landers


Proper preparation is necessary if you want to play your best at a table tennis tournament. First of all, eating a big, healthy breakfast gives your body the energy it needs throughout the morning during matches. Usually, morning table tennis matches start around nine o’clock, so breakfast is an absolute must. Some feel that eating a large breakfast will upset their stomachs and choose not to eat at all. The problem with this is that without food, the body will not have any energy. If you don’t eat breakfast, your body will not have received food since dinner the night before. That’s a long time without eating any food. Eating during the tournament helps as well. Try to keep some power bars on hand or some kind of light food that helps to provide energy, as well as lots of water.

Stretching and warming up correctly are extremely important as well. A proper warm-up and stretch should last 20-30 minutes and should consist of jogging/biking and stretching. Without warming up, your body is prone to injury. After stretching, try doing some drills on the ping-pong® table to get your feet moving.

Getting an adequate amount of sleep the night before a tournament is also quite important. You definitely don’t want to be tired while playing. Not getting enough sleep can cause your mind to cloud up, causing frustration and poor match play.

Following these tips will definitely help you to perform your best in your next table tennis tournament.

Good luck!

Michael Landers

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