How to Play Serious at the Table Tennis Club – by Perry Wilson


A lot of times table tennis clubs can be seen to some people as a “fun time”, or not for serious table tennis play. I have people like that at my club, and it can sometimes be difficult to focus on your game while you are around them.

Here are a few suggestions of ways I have found to be useful in these situations:

1) The first thing I always do is ask to play somebody I know is also there to work on their game. If you get with someone like that, the quality of play will go way up.

2) Another thing that I found works well is getting to an area that not many people are. At my club many people like to joke around while not playing. And a lot of times it can get quite loud. But when I go to an isolated area, I can concentrate much more on playing.

3) Also, a great thing you can do before you go to your club, is have a set goal of what you want to work on. Coming to the club without something in particular that you want to improve can get you off track of playing serious. But, if you have something you want to accomplish, you are way more focused and committed to doing that certain thing.

All of those things are essential to having more effective club practice. And if you have people at your club who are not as serious as you, they can get in the way of you improving your game.

Perry Wilson

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