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Why is it that most people only floss their teeth 2x per month?

“People just don’t see the need!”

It isn’t hard. It isn’t painful. It isn’t expensive. It doesn’t take hours. Dentists see the results of not flossing daily. If everyone saw the need (in the same way the dentists saw the need) there would be a world of people flossing daily and having healthier mouths.

As a table tennis athlete and coach, I see major problems in players’ technique and strategy daily. However, until the player sees it for himself, he really doesn’t believe that his problem is THAT bad. It’s kind of like bad breath; it is easy to detect in others, but we can’t smell it on ourselves.

So here is what I do to show a student just how bad his (breath), aka table tennis game, is. During a practice session, I will record a student’s strokes, then let him watch the DVD. Shocked… he will often come back with a response like:

“That’s not what I imagined.”

“I have some major changes to make.”

“That’s not me!”

“I had no idea that I looked that bad.”

Visualizing your game is the fastest way to improve. Once you see your mistakes, you need a coach to help correct your problems and give advice. About 90% of the American players do not have access to a professional coach. This is why I started the website:

Here is how it works:

Record several videos of yourself playing table tennis: match play, drills, robot, serving, etc. Load the videos onto youtube. Paste the youtube link onto my website. Wait 24-48 hours. I will give you a thorough analysis of your game including instructional videos and match play to explain your problems and the solutions to fixing your errors. Practicing is good. But remember: Perfect practice makes perfect.

Samson Dubina

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