COACH CARL’S COLUMN: Coaching Technique by Carl Hardin


Table Tennis coaches need to be aware of how their students learn— some by watching, some learn by hearing, some learn by doing, and some learn by feeling. All are important, but the coach needs to focus on the way the student learns best. The coach can determine this by trying each method out or a combination. When you know which method works best, practice using it and then learning will become much easier for the student.

Keep records on your students’ fundamentals. Do not proceed on to the next assignment until your student can perform the current activity with 80% accuracy. For example, when training with a table tennis robot, set it to a faster level of speed and/or oscillation if the student can perform 50% accuracy without footwork or stroke break down. Then continue the drill until the student can reach the 80% accuracy level. Then overload the student again by increasing the drill difficulty until the student reaches the 80% level. If the footwork, stroke breaks down or if success is below 50%, then you need to lower the difficulty.

By keeping records you can your keep your students advancing according to their ability.

Carl Hardin

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