19 Wins by Bill Neely


As reported in October, several of us ventured to the great states of Nevada and Utah for several days of competitive table tennis.

From the Knoxville Table Tennis Club, Ruth Gove, Woody Gove, and I represented Tennessee in the Henderson, Nevada Senior Games two-day tournament. We three also played in the two-day Nevada Senior Olympics. After 4-days of playing in Nevada and one travel day, the three of us proceeded to St. George Utah for a 4-day tournament called the Huntsman World Senior Games.

In the World Games 65-countries participated in the many different sports offered. There were 188-table tennis players, competing both in age groups and in USATT ratings groups.

In the three tournaments, 8-days total, I won 4-gold, 3-silver, and 2-bronze medals. My mixed doubles partner, Ruth Gove, won 2-gold and 3-silver medals, while my doubles partner, Woody Gove, won 2-gold medals. The overall result was 8-gold, 6-silver, and 2-bronze or 16-total medals for the Knoxville Table Tennis Club.

Accompanying us to the World Senior Games in Utah were Ruth and Dr. Paul Hua of Chattanooga and Tony Capozzi from Kingston. Ruth Hua won a gold and a bronze medal while Dr. Paul won a silver.

The five of us were not the greatest in numbers attending the 3-tournaments from our state. All together, our state won a total of 19 medals and was the most prolific in total numbers of medals won compared to every other state and country in the sport of table tennis.

I am looking forward to the U.S. Nationals in December.

Bill Neely

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