CCPC Benefit Table Tennis Tournament by Roger Dickson


When Newgy Industries was approached this summer to assist with a fundraising table tennis tournament for the Cumberland Crisis Pregnancy Center (CCPC) at the First Baptist Church in Hendersonville, Tennessee on Sept. 18, we had no idea how well the event would do. With 75 prepaid entries there were a lot of new faces to the competition! With seven divisions, the players got a lot of play with equal level opponents.

In the Top Ten event, Newgy Table Tennis Training Center regulars- Slawomir (Swavik) Waclawik and Yevgeniy (Yev) Puzyrev played strongly through the groups and semi-finals to meet in the finals. It was a great show of attack and counter attack as the crowd got to see two of the most active players in middle Tennessee put on a great display of table tennis for the crowd! In the end Swavik out powered the speedy Yev 3-1!

With two players advancing from group play, the chances of meeting someone from your round robin would only occur in the finals. In Division A that is exactly what happened when Reth Sati, who plays at Nissan in Smyrna, was able to exact revenge on his only group loss to Newgy regular - Jim Campbell in a hard fought fifth game!

No such drama in the B Division as the two top finishers in group play met in the final. Jeremy Crask pulled the upset of Cody Crook to take the first place trophy home with him!

New faces dominated the C Division as Clint Lambreth battled his way to the final with Stephen Mathew. Clint was unable to overcome the steady pressure attack Stephen brought, but was super happy in receiving his first ever trophy!

The ladies of the First Baptist Church came out in force to field a great group for the Women’s Division! Returning player Liliana Kohann- who trains at the Newgy Table Tennis Training Center, powered her way through the field to meet tennis pro Nichole Despain and her hard rubber racket in the final! With long rallies being held for every point, being able to hit harder shot more consistently won the day for Liliana! Many thanks for all the ladies who came out to play for the first time – we hope to see all of you again next time!

The 8-12 and 13-17 year olds had one name coming in over and over – Geoffrey Mason. He asked to play both age groups and with fair warning of little to no breaks Geoffrey made the Finals of both events! Adrian Kohann went down swinging in the 13-17 final. In the 8-12 final, Joshua Lim came in a little nervous, the 10 year old having lost the last few times to the two years older Geoffrey! With a little coaching from Yev, Joshua pulled the upset to take home the first place trophy!

Many thanks to all the players but a big THANK YOU to John Edd Walker and Jim Campbell. These two went above and beyond to make this a great event for the players and for the CCPC!

Roger Dickson

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