America’s Team Table Tennis Championship Results

Newgy Robo-Pong

Newgy proudly sponsored the 2014 America’s Team Table Tennis Championships for the sixth year, this past weekend, May 24-25, in Rockford, Illinois. The tournament attracted 42 teams consisting of 170 table tennis players.

Congratulations to all the winners!

Division 1

1st Place: Team XNT5

Nie, WenJie (2265)
Lee, David (2230)
Tran, Michael (2176)
Qi, Wei (2448)

2nd Place: Fire Breathing Rubber Duckies

Pech, Keith (2280)
Oulkin, Danny (2278)
Pech, Seth (2229)

3rd Place: Team Collegiate

Skolnick, Mlcaiah (2334)
Skolnick, Gabriel (2333)
Pereyra, Patricio (2290)
Castillo, Maria (2156)

Division 2

1st Place: Midland TNMD

At(man, Mark (2153)
Snider, Nicholas (2177)
Yost, Thomas (2132)
Hamilton, Don (2126

2nd Place:  TGL Logistics

Wolski, Wojciech (2347)
Zyworonek, Arkadlusz (2052)
Wolski, Michael (2044)
Jablonskl, Zbigniew (1941)
Horodenski, Karol

3rd Place: University of Minnesota ’A’ Team

Kubesh, Benjamin (2007)
Peng, Peng (2002)
Huynh, Benjamin (2153)
Ye, Cheng (1938)

Division 3

1st Place: NCTTA

Teotia, Seemant (1954)
Del Vecchio, Martin (2156)
Chimule, Shardul’(1977)
Frayne, Elliot (1909)

2nd Place: Royal Challengers

Buente, Kevin (1917)
Kini, Vivek (2144)
Pan, Zack (2095)
Dousmanis, Christos (1909)

3rd Place: It’s Short but it’s Thin

Moyant, Kyle (1508)
Neimark, Dashiel (2029)
Scarp, AJ. (2110)

Division 4

1st Place: Rock River Rowdies

Evans, Bryant (1743)
OIIngou, Serge (1689)
Belts, Steve (1669)
Zmijewski, Ariel (1656)

2nd Place: BCMVP

Mak, Henry (1904)
Chau, Tim (1724)
Veksler, Dan (1712)
Currey, Robert (1705)
Putta, Ramnath (1673)

3rd Place: University of Minnesota ’B’ Team

Tranter, John (1788)
Nguyen, Brenda (1651)
Srivastava, Rishabh (1611)
Vu, Dat Tien (1557)

Division 5

1st Place: Duluth Young Guns

Simone Jr., Angelo (1505)
Scott, Sam (1663)
Green, Eric (1680)
Perez, Jose (UR)

2nd Place: Kung Fu Pandas

Lorenc, Slawomir (1722)
Parvathaneni, Subba (1595)
Morris, Mathew (1552)
Mu, Edward (1479)

3rd Place: U.S. Para Nationals

Van Emburgh, Jenson (1366)
Seidenfetd, lan (1468)
Scrivano, Danny (1366)

Most Valuable Player

1st Place: Qi Wei

2nd Place: Sid Naresh

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