Newgy Cincinnati Open 4-Star Table Tennis Tournament

Newgy Robo-Pong

The Newgy Cincinnati Open 4-Star USATT table tennis tournament is this weekend, May 9-10, 2014 at the College Hill Recreation Center – 5545 Belmont Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45224.

The format will be giant round robin groups of around eight players with the top four players from each group advancing to the single elimination stage. This tournament will feature awesome playing conditions with 16 professional ping-pong tables in a 17,000 square foot gym.

Admission is free for spectators!

Tournament sponsors: Newgy Robo-Pong, Martin & Associates, Wil-Cut and Wide-band

Tournament staff:  Barry Carlin, Tom Leslie, Greg Thompson, Perry Wilson, Pierce Scott, Randy Burnett, Joyce Burnett, Sam Dubina, Nancy Dubina, Roger Liu, Karen Pon, Raymond Johnston, Orlando McEwan, and Seth Pech.

Click here to see the draw for this tournament.

Below is a list of helpful mental strategies to keep in mind while competing in a table tennis tournament, provided by Pro Table Tennis Player and Coach, Samson Dubina.

1. Watch your opponent in a prior match and study his or her style, serve, and serve return. Before beginning a match, also make sure to check his or her racket.

2. Be ready to work hard for your win. Earned – never given. Don’t expect your opponent to miss your trick-serve at 10-9. Be ready to work hard to earn each and every point!

3. Before beginning a match, don’t look at your opponent’s rating – it probably isn’t accurate anyway. Focus your attention on your strategy, not his or her rating.

4. Focus on having fun and applying your strategy. If you think too much about the benefits of winning or the consequences of losing, you will have unnecessary pressure.

5. Reflect between points and ask yourself questions. One mistake won’t hurt you, but if you continue to make the same mistake again and again, you will lose.

6. If you lose a match, admit that you lost. Making excuses will not help you to think clearly for your next match.

7. Be absolutely sure to go through your pre-point and post-point routine, every time.

8. Enjoy close games. Be excited when the game is close and be excited that you have the chance to perform.

Good luck to everyone playing this weekend!

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