Mental Strategies in Table Tennis – Part X

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Most club table tennis players across the US give about 70% effort during matches while socializing, playing relaxed, and hitting great shots throughout the night.  The average club players try much harder in tournaments and often play a much different style.

Sometimes when I see a player at the club hit a very good shot I will pose the question,

“Could you do that in a tournament?”

The answer nearly always comes back with, “No.”

I respond with, “Why not?”

“Well, I’m trying to win in tournaments, so I don’t want to miss; I must play more conservatively and not go too risky. 

As you can see, many table tennis players aren’t training properly.  If their tournament styles consist of safe pushes, safe loops, safe blocks, that is exactly how they should be playing practice matches at the club.  Generally, table tennis players should put more pressure on themselves at the club to perform competitively and be more relaxed during tournaments.  Wanting to win too badly in tournaments can lead to poor performance.  Table tennis players should give their best concentration, put out their best effort, yet still be relaxed, have fun, and train the way they practiced!

Samson Dubina

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